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When You Become a Statistic, The Statistic Becomes Irrelevant 

You’ve heard the saying, “Life can change in the blink of an eye.” Our family learned just how true that statement is on April 29, 2022, when my parents were involved in a head-on collision with a Chevy 5500 landscape truck. They were both transported to a trauma center in Columbus, Ohio, with my mother transported by care flight and my father by ambulance. Since Mom was reclined at the time of the impact, her injuries were far more severe than my father’s injuries. The head nurse on the care flight team explained that Mom was intubated while in route. When I arrived at the trauma center emergency room, I rationalized there was a 50/50 chance that Mom was still alive. My first words to the emergency room physician were, “Is she still alive?” With his “Yes” response, my family’s eight-month journey of sacrifice, tears, and worry began.

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Advanced Long-Term Care Planning: Protect Yourself and Those Who Love You

With any life-changing event, it’s important to clarify that no one experience will be the same. Medical conditions, financial aspects, and family dynamics will be unique for each family that deals with a long-term care crisis. As I share my family’s ordeal after my parent’s horrific car accident, I do so simply in the hope that you, your parents, and those you love will come to understand that, however small the risk of a life-changing event may be, the emotional stress and financial repercussions for all individuals involved are unacceptable. To avoid this emotional and financial carnage, I hope you and your loved ones will see the need to take action now while reasonable and financially sound choices are still available to you. Learn from our mistake.

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Advanced Long-Term Care Planning versus Crisis Long-Term Care Planning

In my previous blogs, I candidly shared our family’s experience with Crisis Long-term Care (LTC) Planning when my mom was critically injured after a car accident. I wanted to offer honest, firsthand insight into the financial carnage and emotional impact of being financially unprepared for a long-term care event. Why did my family suffer through the stress, worry, and financial repercussions of Crisis LTC Planning? We failed to recognize the severity of a long-term care event that occurs when a plan is not in place in advance.

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